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Outline of medU-net

About medU-net

Collaborative activities between industry and academia play an important part in the mission of universities to develop research and make a meaningful contribution to society. However, these initiatives face a number of challenges, particularly in the field of medicine, such as difficulties in patent acquisition and technology transfer, as well as contractual agreements and relevant laws & regulations. Establishing a system for cooperation among the heads of industry liaison offices of Japan's medical universities is an effective way to facilitate the development of collaborative medical activities between industry and academia.

To this end, the Intellectual Property Division (IPD) of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) formed the Japanese Association of Medical University Network for Technology Transfer Committee in October 2009, and subsequently established the Japanese Association of Medical University Network for Technology Transfer (medU-net) in June 2010.

Articles of Association [ PDF 199KB ]

About our name

The official title of this association is the 'Japanese Association of Medical University Network for Technology Transfer', also abbreviated as 'medU-net'.

Main functions of medU-net

1. Initiatives to investigate relevant issues
2. Integration & dissemination of information
3. Stimulation of industry-academia partnerships through cooperation ("inter-utilization")

Specific operations

(1) Establishment of a cooperative framework on medical industry-academia partnerships &
resolution of pertinent issues

(2) Dissemination of information & proposal of policies on medical industry-academia

(3) Convening of annual meetings & subcommittees etc.

(4) Exchanges, communication & coordination with medical industry-academia liaison

(5) Other operations required to achieve medU-net's stated objective